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The AC Mitchell Memorial Trophy

Presented to the winner on handicap of the nominated 4 mile event at Mt Kembla. In memory of former KJ Roy Mitchell's father and donated to the club by Roy in 1977.

"Early in the formative years of the Kembla Joggers we ran and organised races without trophies or prizes. There was no money in the club coffers and it was unlikely that we would ever have any. However around 1977 Roy Mitchell, who I introduced to running at 58 years of age, asked me if he could donate a trophy in memory of his father A C Mitchell. Before the words were even out of his mouth I had him at the trophy manufacturers. And so a shield was produced with the inscription 'A.C.Mitchell Memorial Trophy'. As this was our first ever trophy it rapidly became full and Roy was approached a some years ago about having it enlarged but he insisted on another shield similar to the first. I only wish there were more philanthropists like Roy around. Now the winner of this popular event takes home two shields – the old and the new. Incidentally, Roy went on to contest 10 City to Surf's culminating in his participation in a Kembla Joggers over 60 team which gained a placing. Many thanks Roy." ... Bill Williamson

The 4 mile event at Mt Kembla has a long and proud history within the club as one of the original KJ events. The race is held on a simple out and back course along the bitumen section of road with the turn-around just past the gate where the dirt road begins. Although the course has fundamentally never changed, Bill claims that the original course 'started and finished closer to the cattle-grid' and that the turn-around point was 'a few extra yards up the road'. With this in mind we can only admire the times set by the original KJs in the 70's and early 80's some of which still stand today as age-group records or top-10 performances.

During the 90's the event was held on the old 7km course which incorporates much of the 4 mile course but deviated along the now disused Pump Station road and then onto the dirt road for a short distance. This wasn't by choice but due mainly to Water Board requests to avoid running through the former Dam Village. In 1995 it was held on a temporary 7km course from Kembla Heights Bowling Club when access to our Mt Kembla courses was restricted altogether. Now it's held back on the original 4 mile course to Cordeaux Manor and return.

Like most of our trophies, the shield is awarded to first home on handicap (with some strings attached) – presently you must have run in at least 3 club events in the current Winter Series to be eligible. The list of previous winners reveals some still familiar names from the KJs including Kerryn Hindmarsh (McCann) who won in 1978 at 11 years of age in a PB time of 28.03. The winner of the inaugural event was local soccer player Andrew Campbell.


A C Mitchell memorial Trophy Winners:

2020David Higgins
2019Teresha Moxham 
2018Friddle Ndayihembeye
2017Frank Hungerford 
2016Peter Enright 
2015Melinda Stocker
Dean Boyton
2013Mitchell Hennessy
2012Peter Asher
2011Jennifer Burns
2010Holly O'Dea
2009Murray Dribbus
2008Nicola Hummerston
2007Jennifer Burns
2006Adrian Panozzo
2005Robert Eardley
2004Geoff Smith
2003Derek Moriarty
2002Derek Moriarty
2001Robert Maciejowski
2000Jemma Comer
1999Peter Asher
1998Tania Perkins
1997Joel Walsh
1996Christine Wales
1995Helen Ashton
1994Kevin Brennan
1993Don Lewis
1992Glenn Hayward
1991Tannia Connor
1990James Walker
1989Ian Tague
1988Brendan Scollary
1987Jack Laajoki
1984Dave Brown
1980Brian Mannix
1978Kerryn Hindmarsh
1977Andrew Campbell