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Athlete's Athlete Award

The Athlete's Athlete Award is voted on by all eligible Kembla Joggers members, ie members who have attended at least 50% of club events during the winter season. The award is based on similar principles to a 'best and fairest' in team sports and recognises athletes who give their absolute best, regardless of ability. Kembla Joggers members of all abilities are eligible to be nominated. The award is announced at the club's annual Presentation Night each year.

Previous Winners:

2020  Bridget Rutty 
2019Patrick McPhillips
2018Patricia O'Dea 
2017Daniel Sink
2016Tracy Mintoff  
2015Marty Weston
Patricia O'Dea 
2013Lorraine Hince
2012Lorraine Hince
Witold Krajewski
2010Elad Haas
2009Lorraine Hince
2008Murray Smith 
2007Narelle Smith
2006Done Martinoski
2005Stephen Brown
2004Stephen Brown
2003Brendan Scollary
2002Karen Ryan
2001Suzanne O'Brien
2000Garry Wheeler
1999Garry Wheeler
1998Peter Evans
1997Kevin O'Connell
1996Chris Stocker
 1995Chris Stocker
1994Garth Hennessy
1993Peter Trad
1992Greg Learmonth
1991Mark Everton
1990Tania Connor