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Club Person of The Year

The Club Person of The Year Award recognises a club member who has strived above and beyond the normal call of duty for the club in a voluntary capacity during the year for the overall benefit of the club and its members. The Club Person of The Year is someone who has made a REAL difference to the Club in that time. The award is presented annually at Presentation Night.

Previous Winners:

2020  Noel Weeks
2019Frank Hungerford  
2018Ian Tague
2017David Church 
2016Elad Haas 
2015Ben Scollary 
Steve Shaw
2013David Barnett
2012Jody Hennessy
Roy Francis
2010John & Jennifer Burns
2009Pia Angelucci
2008Murray Smith
2007Tim Fitzpatrick
2006Darryl Weir
2005Mike Roberts
2004Neil Barnett
2003Brendan Scollary
2002Peter Issa
2001Dave Higgins
2000Claire Margetson
1999Jim Hennessy
1998Mark Everton
1997Gary Howard
1996Neil Barnett
1995Gary Howard
1994Robyn Henry
1993Steve Bailey
1992Kevin O'Connell
1991Mark Everton
1990Barry Armstrong
1989Hilary Winchester
1988Barry Armstrong