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Most Meritorious (Golden Boots) Award

The Golden Boots TrophyThe winner of Most Meritorious Award receives the prestigious Golden Boots Trophy the feature of which are Fred Zatopek's legendary boots. The award recognises one or more performances by an club member which are considered to be of significant individual merit. Unlike the Kembla Joggers Medal, the performances do not necessarily have to be in a club event.


Previous Winners:

2020  Karen Blay  
2019Sarah Carli  
2018Chloe Tighe  
2017James Tunbridge
2016  Madeline Hills
2015Madeline Heiner
Madeline Heiner
Chloe Tighe
2012Lorraine Hince
Sarah Carli
2010Ryan Gregson  
2009Lorraine Hince
2008Ryan Gregson
2007Ryan Gregson
2006Jim Owen
2005Paul Micale
2004Stephen Brown
2003Ben Dubois
2002Matt Kerr
2001Ben Dubois
2000Bob Squires
1999Des Corner
1998Peter Evans
1997Gary Howard
1996Andrew Krajewski
1995Chris Stocker
1994Kerryn McCann
1993Kerryn McCann
1992Kerryn McCann
1991Anneli Laajoki
1990Tony Hamilton
1989Mark Everton
1988Bob Bartle
1987Dave Pomery