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Kembla Joggers Juniors (Flying Foxes)

THE KEMBLA JOGGERS are proud to support our junior ranks which continue to grow with record numbers every year. The development of our cross-country venue at West Dapto is attracting even more new members as the word spreads about our junior programs. Kembla Joggers is committed 100% to our junior development initiatives and view them as playing a key role in ensuring the club’s continuing and future success. Put quite simply, our juniors of today are our seniors of tomorrow!

The emphasis for KJ junior activities has and always will be on participation and fun. All ages and abilities are encouraged to compete, even mum and dad can run with their kids (if you can keep up!). There are shorter events over 1km and 2km courses for kids 10 years and under. Longer events are also provided at the same meets for the older, more developed junior athletes, usually 3km,4km and 5km.

Being a KJ Junior is GREAT because your child gets to participate with other juniors in safe, well organised events. All club juniors are treated like winners just for having a go. There are also heaps of vouchers and other prizes up for grabs as part of the Junior Pointscores in the Winter and Summer Series'. Plus there is the opportunity for any KJ junior to participate in one of the many KJ junior age-group teams at the ANSW Winter Premiership events.



The maximum race distance juniors can contest on club race days (cross-country and track) is as follows:

  • 10 years and under - 2km, Flash - KJ Juniors Mascot
  • 11 years – 3km,
  • 12 to 14 years - 5km,
  • 15 to 16 years - 8km,
  • 17 years - 10km,
  • 18 years & over - no restrictions

The above ages are taken as at 31st December of the same year

Steeplechase Distances

  • 11 years and under - Not permitted
  • 12-15 years - 2000m (76.2cms)
  • 16 - 17 years - 3000m (76.2cms)

The above ages are taken as at 31st December of the same year

Registrations & Start Times

Junior registrations close at 15 minutes prior to race start time. All juniors must register at the Junior Registration table prior to the race. Race start times are listed under series programs (click here)


Participation Awards

Juniors competing in 10 events listed in the Winter Pointscore Series and ANSW Winter Series Program will be eligible for a special participation award which is presented at the Junior Presentation Day each year. Regardless of the number of ANSW events competed in, all juniors must compete in a minimum of 8 events listed in the KJ Junior Pointscore Series to be eligible for the participation award.

Other Events for Juniors

KJ juniors are most welcome to compete in other club events, such as Summer Series and Thursday night track events, in addition to those on the Junior Winter Series race program. Please remember though that age restrictions apply to certain distances – see above.

Junior Track Races

Juniors also have their very own track events which are held at Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre (Beaton Park) every Thursday evening from 6.30pm. Distances include sprints, 800m, 1000m, 1500m & 2000m. For full details of KJ Junior track races click here

KJ Junior Teams & Athletics NSW

Throughout the summer and winter Athletics NSW competitions the club has a strong presence and has the ability to form many junior teams. Categories include U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20 for both boys and girls. Please note that the age for competition with ANSW is at 31st December, eg if a junior turns 12 in that year they run in the under 14 age group. In relay events if a team cannot be formed in an age group, individuals may still compete by running the first leg of the relay. Again the emphasis is on participation and FUN. Kids enjoy these events because they get to mix with the other junior KJ members, how fast or slow they run is not important, they get to be part of a team and, of course, they win the odd medal or two. It’s great fun so get your kids enrolled before the ANSW season kicks off in April (Winter Season) or October (Summer Season).

Junior Assistance FundJunior 2km race

The club has in place a scheme which provides support for financially disadvantaged juniors requiring assistance with registration fees, entry fees, uniforms, travel, shoes etc. For further information please get in contact with the club Secretary or Junior Development Officer. Other funding for representing the club at a state or national level is also available through the KJ Athlete Development and Assistance Scheme.

Junior Training

Special training/coaching sessions supervised by qualified club coaches operate all year round - see Club Training and Coaching for more details on KJ coaching and training for juniors.

Pointscore Series

To view the Junior Winter Race Programme click here There are 4 pointscores for the juniors to compete in during the Winter Series. These include the 1km, 2km, 3km, and 3-5km Junior Pointscore Shield. The pointscore system awards points on a silent handicap basis and rewards consistent improvement throughout the season. The final tally includes each junior's best 10 scoring races for the season. Points are awarded for each race an athlete competes in and compares the athlete not only with his/her best times but also the performance of the other athletes. To maximise the chance of success in a pointscore, it is advisable to choose a distance to compete in for the whole Winter Series as points are not transferable between pointscores, except in the Club Cross-Country Championships. Juniors are otherwise allowed to compete in different distances each week as long as these do not exceed the maximum allowable set for each age group - see above.

Want More Information?

For more information on our KJ Juniors please contact Junior Development Officers, listed in the committee contacts (click here)