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Race Programs & Results

Junior Winter Race Series

The maximum race distance juniors can contest on Kembla Joggers race days is as follows:

10 years and under - 2km
11 years - 3km
12-14 years - 5km
15-16 years - 8km
17 years - 10km

Age is as at 31st December

Winter Pointscores

Junior Pointscores are conducted for the 1km, 2km and 3km races. 

A Junior Shield Pointscore is also conducted. Those competing for the Shield must run in races set out in the Winter Series (marked $ on the Winter Program (Click here).  Generally these races are for older juniors. Points gained will only be accrued in this Junior Shield Pointscore and are not transferrable to the 1km, 2km or 3km Pointscores and vice versa.

Eligible juniors may run in the 8km, or 10km, events if they choose but will not accrue points in either the Junior Shield Pointscore or the Senior Pointscore.

Summer Pointscores

Junior over 12 years of age at 31st December may compete in the Senior Summer Series in races marked @ and there is dedicated pointscore for these events 

Summer Program (Click here)

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