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Handicapping & Pointscore

Everything you wanted to know about the Kembla Joggers Handicapping & Pointscore System but were afraid to ask!

Q. What is the KJ Handicapping System?

The aim of the handicapping system is to place runners of all abilities on an equal footing in any KJ race to which it is applied. Before each event our computer program calculates a handicap time for each member based on times previously recorded during the current season. Your handicap time ensures that slower runners than yourself are given a head start while quicker runners give you a head start. Handicap times are calculated so that, in theory, all runners should finish precisely at the same time. This means that regardless of your ability you have as much chance of crossing the finishing line in first place as any other runner in the club – it just depends on how well you run on the day.

Q. Are all races handicapped?

No. Generally shorter events under 7km, Club XC Championships and the XC Relays are mass start races. The computer program later calculates your position as if the race had been handicapped and awards points accordingly.

Q. How is my handicap time calculated?

First, the computer works out your predicted time for the race, ie the time you are expected to run. This is calculated using the two “best times” you have recorded during the current season. A time you record becomes one of your “best times” if it happens to be quicker than your predicted time for that event. These times are then used to calculate your predicted time in following races until bettered again.

Special scaling factors are used to convert your predicted time from one distance to another taking into account factors such as distance and course difficulty. Your handicap time, ie time you start the race from, is calculated as it relates to the slowest runner. So, if the slowest runner’s predicted time is say 56:00 (handicap = 0:00) and your predicted time is 44:00, then you will have a handicap time of 12:00. Your handicap time in the first 2 events of the season may be calculated using times recorded in the previous season.

Q. Joe Bloggs ran a quicker time than I did in the last race. Why did he get a head start on me in the next race?

Although recording a quicker time than you in the previous race, it is quite possible that Joe, like yourself, failed to run quicker than his predicted race time. Even if he did, your “best times” may still be considered quicker than Joe’s. Consequently Joe will still manage to get a head start on you until he records race times which make his predicted time quicker than yours. If you think that your handicap time is incorrect or unfair feel free to discuss it with the Handicapper. But please remember, the Handicapper’s decision is always final.

Q. I have finished near the rear of the field for a number of races. Why?

It is possible that in some previous race you have recorded a very respectable time which is now used to calculate your handicap time. Maybe you are now having trouble retaining this good form or perhaps you have been injured or sick. Whatever the case feel free to discuss it with the Handicapper if it is bothering you.

Q. What if I’m returning from illness or injury?

If you are concerned this will affect your form you are entitled to apply to the Handicapper to be rehandicapped until such time that you regain form. However during this time you are not entitled to accumulate race points or win any trophies based on handicap performance.

Q. Can I run off a different handicap time if I want to?

As you would expect you are not permitted to run off an easier handicap than you have been given but you are quite welcome to run off a harder one providing you advise the Handicapper first.

Q. Are race times recorded in non-pointscore events used for handicapping other races?

No. This includes all alternative shorter races, Summer Series races, relays, funruns etc. Therefore you can break world records in these races if you like without them having any impact on your handicap. However if the only race you have competed in is one of these events then we will use that time until you finish a senior pointscore event.

Q. What if I run much quicker than I was predicted to do?

A small points penalty deduction may apply to competitors who run much quicker than their predicted time. The time you do this by before a penalty applies varies with race distance, eg for 8km the buffer is usually 2:00. This means if you are predicted to run say 32:00 for 8km, any time you record down to 30:00 is without penalty. However a small penalty will apply for times recorded by you quicker than 30:00, ie more than 2:00 quicker than your predicted time. The penalty is deducted from normal points awarded to you for that race. This is not designed to penalise you for improvement, rather to discourage the occasional runner who intentionally improves significantly from one race to the next in order to accumulate maximum points.

Q. How do I qualify for trophy winning events?

To win any trophy awarded to first across the line on handicap in the Hangover Handicap, AC Mitchell Memorial, G-Man Bolt or Tony McMichael Memorial events you must have competed in at least 3 club events during the current winter/summer season. This does not apply to trophies awarded to the first male and female home such as in the Half Marathon or Club XC Championships. Other conditions may sometimes apply.

Q. How are points awarded for the Club Pointscore?

Points are awarded on an incremental basis proportional to the number of finishers in each race. First across the line on handicap receives 250 points and last 50 points. For example, if there are 100 finishers, the number of points will decrease by 2 for each place, ie 1st = 250, 2nd = 248, 3rd = 246, and so on. If there are 50 finishers points will decrease by 4 for each place etc. First-time runners are allocated nominal points for their first event. Alternative shorter races and relays are not included in the pointscore. A similar system is used for the Junior Pointscore. Elite pointscore points are awarded as follows: 10 points (fastest), 9 points (2nd fastest) etc, and 1 point (10th fastest).

Q. How many races count towards the pointscore?

All pointscore races are used in the provisional pointscore posted on the club noticeboard at club events and website. The final Winter Pointscore released at the end of the season on Presentation Night is determined by eliminating the worst 3 scoring races for each competitor during the Winter Series. These can include races where you failed to attend and received no points at all.

Q. Do I receive points for marshalling duties?

Yes. 180 points are awarded for the first compulsory marshalling duty and 150 points if you are required for a second or third time during the season. Please remember members who fail to complete their marshalling commitments are ineligible to win any club awards or pointscores, or accure points.

Q. Where can I check my Pointscore tallies?

All pointscores will be posted on the club noticeboards before each race and on the club website.

Q. What if I suspect an error in my pointscore tally?

All care is taken to provide an accurate pointscore for each runner however occasionally an error or omission may occur. Please notify the club Handicapper either by phone or on race days should you suspect an error.