Kembla Joggers


Rules & Regulations

Club Rules & Regulations

Because of the ever present danger to road runners and possible ensuing litigation, Kembla Joggers are the holders of a public risk liability insurance policy which protects all members. It is essential therefore that certain rules and regulations apply. These rules and regulations are for the protection of the members and committee alike and it is a condition of membership that they be strictly adhered to.

1. No person will be allowed to compete without being a fully-paid member unless given guest membership status for which a guest fee applies.

2. All marshals must be fully-paid members of the club and at least 18 years of age.

3. Runners must keep to the extreme right hand side of the roadway unless directed otherwise by course marshals and/or Police.

4. Footpaths must be used wherever practicable.

5. Cutting corners is not allowed.

6. Runners should always run in single file unless overtaking.

7. When overtaking, the runner in front always has the right of way.

8. During the running of each event competitors must obey the directions and instructions of the race marshals and/or Police.

9. Runners must give way to all vehicular traffic and should stop if directed to by course marshals and/or Police. No runner has right of way against vehicular traffic in any situation.

10. The maximum distance juniors can contest is as follows: 10 years and under–2km; 11 years–3km; 12-14 years–5km; 15-16 years–7km; 17 years-10km (age as at December 31 in the current year).

11. All members, over the age of 18 years, will be required to act in an official capacity (marshalling), as directed by the Race Marshal Organiser. Due to Police/Council and RTA demands, in any given year (March to March), you will be requested to marshal at least once. Members selected for marshalling duties are expected to advise the Marshal Organiser if for some reason they are not available to assist at that particular time. Members will not be permitted to compete in future club events nor will they accrue further points until they have fulfilled their marshalling duties nor be eligible for any club awards. Members are to personally undertake their marshalling duties. They are not transferable to other members.

12. Runners arriving to events on handicap after 15 minutes prior to the official race start time will be issued a handicap time penalty or required to start from the backmarkers position.

13. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that he/she is at the start line for his/her correct handicap starting time.

14. Many club events are handicapped. The Handicapper’s decision is final. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Information on how the handicapping and pointscore system works is outlined here.

15. Runners are not allowed to start on a different handicap time to the one allocated unless by prior arrangement with the Handicapper. Under no circumstances will handicaps be adjusted for any of the 5 trophy races. The Handicapper's decision is final and no negotiation will be entered into.

16. All trophies awarded under club handicap rules requires the winning runner to have competed in at least three club events during the current season to be eligible to win that trophy. Other conditions may sometimes apply.

17. All runners completing a race must ensure that their position number tag given at the finish line and/or timing chip is handed to the officials without unnecessary delay.

18. Any incidents observed during a club event should be reported to the Race Organiser or a club official and recorded on an Incident Report Card as soon as possible after the event.

19. Any claims for club Open or Age-Group Records and/or disputes are to be made to the Race Data Manager on the same day the event is held. Guest members or non-members will be ineligible to claim any club records or trophies.

20. Rules and regulations (Code of Conduct) relating to authorised club use of Sydney Catchment Authority property at our Mt Kembla venue for racing are outlined in the club Handbook.

21. Rules relating to ANSW sanctioned events are set out in the official ANSW Handbook. Club members competing in ANSW events are representing the club and as such club rules may also apply.
22. Failure to abide by any of the above rules and regulations may result in disqualification and/or suspension from future club activities.

23. iPods, MP3 players or any similar devices requiring headphones are NOT PERMITTED to be worn in club events.

24. It is mandatory that you enjoy your running with Kembla Joggers!