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Training & Coaching

Club Coaching & Training Times

Probably the best way to keep motivated and to enjoy and improve your running is to train with other people of similar ability and to be mentored by club coaches who's only reward is to see athletes enjoy and improve their running.

The club has a number of official training times during the week which all members are encouraged to attend. All abilities are catered for so don't feel shy about coming along.Many other informal training groups organised by club members run across the region and perhaps the best way to learn about these is to attend club events and get to know your fellow KJs.

Our organised coaching sessions are conducted by our team of qualified club coaches who act in a voluntary capacity for the benefit of club members. A list of club coaches and contact details is given below.

Training & coaching session times


4.30pm - Non-daylight saving

Winter Stuart Park 
 Fartlek training
  Tuesday 5.00pm - Daylight saving Summer Stuart Park
 Fartlek training
  Sunday Sun Runs, 7am, check website
All Year 
KJ XC Park

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are open to ALL registered club athletes over the age of 8 years old who wish to improve their technique and form at sprints, middle distance and long distance running events. Both juniors and seniors will be catered for. To be involved athletes must be fully paid members of Kembla Joggers.


Scope of sessions

The sessions will usually include warm up, dynamic stretching and running drills to improve technique. Fartlek (Swedish for speed play) is usually incorporated in to the training sessions making it fun, varied and achievable for all abilities. Most sessions close with a cool down followed by some static stretching.


club coaching staff

For more information on club coaching please contact one of our volunteer coaches below.

Paul Micale - Level III - Middle Distance. Central Wollongong area. Ph 4244 2935

Ian Hatfield – Level IV - Sprints and middle distance. Ian operates from the Croome Rd Sporting Complex at Albion Park and is our southern suburbs contact. Ph 4256 2021 or 0414 772 970.

Geoff Stalker - Level IV. Middle/Long Distance, Sprints and XC. Ph 0409 927 966 email

  • Mondays - Bulli Park from 4:15pm
  • Tuesdays - Southern Highlands, Mittagong, Lake Alexander from 4:15pm
  • Wednesdays - North Wollongong from 4:15pm