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  Summer YDOIDOIT PointscoreTranselect logo

  AwardYDOIDOIT Trophy 
  Other Prizes:
Trophy 1st Place & Cetificates to 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  Points Method:
Sealed handicaps using your current summer times
  Races Included:
Nominated Summer Series events - see Summer Race Program 
  Scoring:Best 7 out of 9 races
  Presented:WInter Series Registration Day

Previous Winners:

2020-21  Andrew Krajewski 
2019-20  Joanne Crawford
2018-19Christian Vidler-Cabo
2017-18Pasquale Coppolaro  
Kiriakos Tsalidis 
2015-16Geoff Smith
2014-15Paul De Nobrega
Paul De Nobrega  
2012-13Melinda Stocker
2010-11Geoff Smith
2009-10Andrew Krajewski
2008-09Rafael Moriana
2007-08John Wilton
2006-07Gary Smith
2005-06Joe Pereira
2004-05Jaci Berwick & Adrian Panozzo
2003-04Stephen Brown
2002-03Steve Van Gils
2001-02John Rosenzweig
2000-01Mark Everton
1999-2000John Hennah
1998-99Steven Matthews
1997-98John Wilton

A Short History

The idea of a summer pointscore had long been in my mind from the early 90’s where I was inspired by the race organising skills of former club Secretary Barry Armstrong for the Summer Series events. Some of these races only attracted 12 runners, had no marshals, instead only the time keeper which was usually Barry himself. By the mid 90’s we were getting as many as 30-40 runners in any race and only the odd marshal, usually situated at the turnaround. There was definitely an opportunity to introduce a pointscore system similar to the winter pointscore. The only problem was that all but 1 of the summer races were mass starts and this would be a nightmare for pointscoring calculations.

Enter the computer programmer Alex Ross who designed the program so that we could run a mass start race and reverse the finishing times to handicap finishing order. This then allowed points to be allocated in mass start races. This system is the same that is still now in place for the Winter and Summer Series races and is also known as a 'silent' handicap.

By January 1997 the time was right, all we needed was a series name and a trophy. Dave Taylor had just completed his 1000 laps of 3.6km course at Warrawong and had invited Derek Moriarty, Neil Barnett, the late Andrew Godsman and myself as crewman in his attempt to break the cross Simpson Desert record. I then pictured myself drinking a stubby of beer brought from the Birdsville Pub (where the trek was to end) and filling it with Simpson Desert sand and mounting this on a piece of drift wood from the desert. This was the trophy. But it never eventuated, the sponsorship money for the event fell through and there was no SImpson Desert journey. Alas.

A month later at a Summer Series Stuart Park race which I had just completed I noticed a runner in front of me with both hands on knees out of breath and muttering “Why do I do it”. This is a question I’m sure that we have all asked ourselves somewhere on our running quests. The name “Whydoidoit” was given a “Y” for the WHY only to add to the oddness of it all. I then approached Bill Williamson who is a keen wood worker and gave him a design for the trophy, a simple round trophy, double layered with a “?” in the middle. Bill in no time at all had whipped up the trophy ready for the Summer Series of 1997/98.

The criteria for winning the trophy is to use your best 7 scoring races out of the 9 available pointscoring races in the series. On a finishing note the 2002/03 YDOIDOIT winner Steve Van Gils said to me at the presentation that he was sure that IDIOT was somewhere in the trophy name. If only ..

Gary Howard