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Winter Over 60s Pointscore

  Award:Over 60s Pointscore Trophy 
  Other Prizes:
Trophies to 1st, 2nd & 3rd 
  Sponsor:Kembla Joggers
  Races Included:
All 13 designated Winter Series pointscore events - see Race Program
  Scoring:Best 10 out of 13 scoring races count
  Presented:Presentation Night

Previous Winners:

2018Pasquale Coppolaro
2017David Church  
2016David Church
2015Noel Weeks
2014Noel Weeks
2013Donald Waden
2012Ian Tague
John Burns
2010Ian Tague
2009Ray McCauley
2008Andrew Krajewski
2007Peter Asher
2006Peter Asher
2005Peter Asher
2004Peter Asher