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Winter Over 60s Pointscore

  Award:Over 60s Pointscore Trophy 
  Other Prizes:
Trophies to 1st, 2nd & 3rd 
  Sponsor:Kembla Joggers
  Races Included:
All 13 designated Winter Series pointscore events - see Race Program
  Scoring:Best 10 out of 13 scoring races count
  Presented:Presentation Night

Previous Winners:

2020Kiriakos Tsalidis 
2019David Church 
2018Pasquale Coppolaro
2017David Church  
2016David Church
2015Noel Weeks
2014Noel Weeks
2013Donald Waden
2012Ian Tague
John Burns
2010Ian Tague
2009Ray McCauley
2008Andrew Krajewski
2007Peter Asher
2006Peter Asher
2005Peter Asher
2004Peter Asher