Kembla Joggers

Race Info:


Track Racing Programme

Please note race times may be changed subject to numbers and weather


Please note that the gazetted times are a guide only and may vary dependent on race numbers and weather conditions

MonthDateSprint Race
Jnr Sprint 6:30 pm
Snr Sprint 7:15 pm
Distance Race
Junior 6:45 pm
Distance Race
Senior 7:00 pm
Jan  9  200m1500m  3000m  

16  100m800m3000m/5000m
  23 #300m1500m  3000m  
  3060m1000m 1500m
Feb6400m  2000m
  13200m  1 mile  2 miles

20 #  100m 1500m   3000m   
5100m 1500m
  12  200m
 2000m 3000m 
  19 #






  9  150m 2000m  3000m
  16 #
100m2 x 800m Relays3000m/5000m
  23 200m
1500m 3000m
  30  300m  1600m  3000m  
60m 2000m 4000m
  14400m  1000m  4000m
  21 100m1500m  3000m 
  28 #200m1 mile2 miles

Junior Flying Fox 1500m

 Race 1

Senior W-Squared 3000m
  11 300m  2000m  5000m/5000m 
  18Race 2Junior Flying Fox 1500m
Race 2

Senior W-Squared 3000m

Race 2



Jul  2  100mJunior Flying Fox 1500m
Race 3

Senior W-Squared 3000m

Race 3 

9100mJunior Flying Fox 1500m

Senior W-Squared 3000m


  16 200m
1 mile3 miles
  23 #
2000m 3000m/5000m  
  30 60m
1500m 3000m  
6  100m2000m Jnr Championship 3000m Snr Championship
  13 200m  1600m3000m/5000m
  20 300m
  27 #400m
  10100m800m  1500m
  17  200m1200m3000m
  24 #150m
800m2000m Steeplechase
  8  60m800m  3000m/5000m  
  15100m 1500m1500m
  22 #200m800m2000m Steeplechase
  19 #150m1 mile2 miles
  26 200m
1500m  3000m
  10 #100m1500m3000m  
  17 400m
No track on Christmas Eve (24/12/2020) and then track resumes on 7 January 2021



Sprint Race

Junior 6:30 pm

Senior 7:15 pm

Distance Race
Junior  6:45 pm
Distance Race
 Senior 7:00 pm
  Jan 7200m1 mile  2 miles 
  14  100m1500m3000m
  21 #
2000m  3000m/5000m  
4300m  2000m  3000m/5000m  

200m  800m1500m
  18 #100m

# Point Score Evenings

** Senior Track Championship Event

* Junior Track Championship Event

## Club Championship

START Times:

Kembla Joggers track and field competition takes place every Thursday evening all year round starting at 6.30pm. We cater for all ages and abilities. The racing format is very relaxed and not too rigid.

Generally there will be separate races for juniors (under 15) plus older juniors and adults (over 15). Distances will be – Under 10: up to 2km, 10-11 years: up to 3km, 12-15 years: up to 5km, Over 15 years: any track distance. We will also conduct sprint events as outlined in the track program or on demand.

Keep an eye on the KJ website/Facebook each week for any late program changes.


Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre (Beaton Park)


A track entry fee, payable to Wollongong City Council, will be collected at reception as you enter the complex. All persons who enter the track, athletes, spectators or coaches must pay this entry fee. Kembla Joggers track events are otherwise free of charge and are covered by club membership fees. 

More Information?

For further information contact Dave Barnett on 02 4271 3299 or email

Some important considerations when using the track

People using the facility on a casual basis do so without direct supervision from Beaton Park Leisure Centre Management. If you want advice on how to best use the facility, please see reception for athletic clubs and contact names.

Age of Users
All children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult at all times when undertaking track activities. Children who are not training must remain outside the spectator fence.

Lane Barriers
All runners need to be aware that lane barriers will close off No 1 and 2 lanes completely during training times. This is to preserve the life of these lanes. The lane barriers will only be opened during competition meets and carnivals.

Spikes and Starting Blocks
Maximum allowable spikes for use on the track are 7mm (9mm for long and high jumps). Starting blocks can only be used at the 100m/200m and 400m start positions and then only those blocks approved by the centre.

Priority Booking & Lane Use
Kembla Joggers have a priority track booking on Thursday evenings from 6.30-8.00pm. During this time we have priority use of the track. Prior to 6.30pm warming up should be done in the outer lanes or grassed area so as not to interfere with other athletes who have paid to use the track for training purposes. Refer to the sign at the track for further details on lane use. Please comply with these arrangements, which allows many users to safely train on the track.

Track Etiquette
Track etiquette on training nights demands that athletes should be aware of other track users. Other athletes may be running fast repetitions in the same lane and approaching from behind. Always move out when a runner calls out “track”. Any athlete wishing to use the track on any of the following scheduled club competition days, must first obtain permission from the designated club to do so. Athletics Wollongong (Wednesday evening from 5.30 - 8.30pm), IBS (Sunday afternoons from 1.00 - 5.00pm) & Wollongong Little Athletics (Friday evenings in summer from 5.00pm – exclusive use).

Track Safety
Many athletes from other clubs use the infield for throwing events. All athletes should make it a habit to NEVER WALK ACROSS THE INFIELD in either training or to get to the start of a race. Use the track instead.

Spectators must stay off the track and infield area at all times. Spectators should remain behind the spectator fence or sit in the grandstand facility.

Admission Fees
An admission fee is payable at the front desk when entering the Leisure Centre. A coloured armband will be given to you and must be warn when using the track. Multi-visit cards are available Fees: $3.10 Children/Concession, $5.20 Adults, $0.70 Spectator

Coaching of Athletes
All coaches coaching other patrons must hold current coaching qualifications and provide them to the centre. A monthly coaches fee must be paid as set by council. Unqualified parents may only coach their own children.

Thursday Track
Kembla Joggers track and field competition takes place every Thursday evening all year round starting at 6 30pm. We cater for all ages and abilities. The racing format is very relaxed and not too rigid.

Generally there will be separate races for juniors (under 15) and adults (over 15). Distances will be: Under 10 – up to 2km, 10-11 up to 3km, 12-14 up to 5km, 15-16 up to 7km, 17 - up to 10km, over 18 any distance (age to be taken at 31st December of the current year). We will also conduct shorter races as outlined in the track program or on demand.

Senior senior