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KJ Marathon Championship Trophies

The Kembla Joggers Marathon Championships are usually held in conjunction with the Canberra Marathon which is held in April each year. Championships trophies are presented to the first male and female club members who are crowned Club Marathon Champions.

Previous Winners:

  Year Male Winner  Female Winner 
2019Myles Gough--  
2018--Tracy Mintoff 
2017Ray HobsonTracy Mintoff
Peter BerryRebecca Baxter
2015Peter Berry
Amy Steele
2014Jeff Chaseling
2013Paul Gillan
2012Chris Llewellyn
2011Peter Berry  --
2010Elad Haas  --
2009Jim BrokenshireAnita Keem
2008 Marty Weston (2.56.53)Alisa Williams (3.18.01)
2007Jared Poppet (2.41)Narelle Smith (3.21)
2006John Rosenzweig (2.57.15)Jaqui Parrish (3.08.36)
2005Jeffrey Gottaas (3.16.09)Karlee Ryles (3.32.45)
2004Marty Weston (3.03.26) Karen Ryan (3.06.39)
2003Rob Battoccio (2.28.18)Karen Ryan (3.00.38)
2002Andrew GodsmanKaren Ryan
2001Neil Barnett (2:52.01)Susan Mulready
2000Andrew Godsman Gwenda Brokenshire
1999Phil Parle  --