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Running Nut Trophy (Hangover Handicap)

The Running Nut TrophyThe Running Nut Trophy is awarded to the winner on handicap of the club's infamous Hangover Handicap race held on New Year's Day each year. The distinctive trophy was designed and crafted from timber by life member Bill Williamson and first presented in 1993.

Previous Winners:

2021 Andrew Krajewski  
2020Patrick Helm  
2019Elad Haas 
2018Robert Mantuano
2017Chris Llewelllyn
Elad Haas
2015Rafael Moriana  
Liam Henderson
2013Jana Mumby
2012Chris Llewellyn
2011Geoff Smith
2010Andrew Krajewski
2009Luis Cortes
2008Gareth Mumby
 2007Gary Smith
2006Event cancelled due to extreme weather conditions
2005Stephen Brown
2004Ryan Burns
2003Ward Hummerston
2002Matthew Pickering
2001Glenda Maciejowski
2000Scott Defina
1999Christine Hall
1998Frank Hungerford
1997Robbie Belsito
1996Robbie Belsito
1995Neil Harper
1994Peter Patterson
1993Kerryn McCann