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The Tony McMichael Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the winner on handicap in the annual 9 mile event at Mt Kembla. In memory of the late Tony McMichael, a former KJ of great ability. Presented in 1983 - 2013.

"I first met Tony when he lived opposite me in Church Street. He was selling encyclopedias when one day he rapped on my door. He didn't try to sell me anything but we did have a great yarn during which I tried to convince him of the benefits of running. It took a long time before he finally did start but when he did he came on by leaps and bounds recording 50.01 for the 9 mile just 2 years after starting. This triggered off aspirations to run the Sydney to Gong race and to ensure that he was capable of this he went to Sydney on the train one day and ran to Wollongong with his clothes in his backpack. When Tony said he was on the plonk it always meant that he was running well and this was one of those times. Unfortunately before he had the opportunity to achieve his goal, Tony was involved in a fatal accident on Robsons Road while driving a taxi. He was perhaps the most athletically naive runner I have ever met knowing very little about training techniques. But although he lacked knowledge, his belief in himself and training was absolute. It is unfortunate that we didn't see the best of Tony as I believe he had the ability to rewrite the Kembla Joggers record books. A great bloke and runner" ... Bill Williamson

The 9 mile is perhaps the race which KJs identify most with. Many will say you're not a Kembla Jogger until you have run the 9 mile, the more strict also add without walking. The race is easily the toughest on our program but this rarely deters a KJ from taking it on. The gut-wrenching 'Big Hill' and the many other hills are features which are pushed aside by the natural beauty of the bush setting which the 9 mile passes through. It is a real achievement to complete the 9 mile, much the same way as it is to run a marathon or City 2 Surf. The 9 mile event has always been held from the normal Mt Kembla venue. In 1995 it ran on an out and back course through Kembla Heights to the top of the Big Hill to avoid traversing Sydney Water property.

Like most trophy events organised by the KJs, this trophy was awarded to the first athlete home on handicap.

Tony McMichael Memorial Trophy Winners:

  Year  Winner
  2013  Lorraine Hince
  2012  Brendan Scollary
  2011  Andrew Krajewski
  2010  Melinda Stocker
  2009  Pia Angelucci
  2008  Sally Musgrove
  2007  Stephen Brown
  2006  Alan Onions
  2005  Stephen Brown
  2004  Stephen Brown
  2003  Steve Van Gils
  2002  Matthew Kerr
  2001  Hiro Asano
  2000  Heather Rutty
  1999  Bruce Medley
  1998  Mark O'Brien
  1997  Ian McBarron
  1996  Ian McBarron
  1995  Paul Hellier
  1994  Bob Hinch
  1993  Chris Bourke
  1992  Bill Agnew
  1991  Wendy Bennett
  1990  Bruce Medley
  1989  Christine Hall
  1988  Phil McPhee
  1987  Tony Strang
  1986  Sue Blunden
  1985  John Cooper
  1984  Harry Everton
  1983  Jim Hennessy