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Athlete Assistance

Kembla Joggers Athlete Development & Assistance Fund

THE KEMBLA JOGGERS Athlete Development and Assistance Fund provides help to KJ members with expenses incurred when representing the club at state or national level.

Such expenses can include travel, accommodation (when competing interstate or overseas) competition fees and other associated costs. Up to a maximum of 50% when competing in NSW. Assistance for training is also available for coaches and club officials.

To qualify for athlete assistance the following criteria must be met:

Athletes must –

  • have been a current financial member of both Kembla Joggers and ANSW for a minimum continuous period of 12 months. 
  • be representing Kembla Joggers, ANSW or AA at a national or international event sanctioned by Athletics Australia.
  • Track Championship funding - have represented the club at a minimum of 3 senior or junior ANSW/AA sanctioned track events during the last 12 months.
  • Road, Cross-Country or Mountain championship funding - have represented the club at a minimum of 3 senior or junior ANSW/AA sanctioned road, cross-country or mountain running championships during the last 12 months. 
  • competed in a relay championship representing the club during the last 12 months. (N/a for 2020/21 season as there were no relays in 2020/21)
  • competed and/or officiated in a minimum of three club cross-country, road or track events over the last 12 months

Any club athlete who may be disadvantaged by illness, injury or distance, in terms of competing in club events can apply in writing to the Athletes Assistance sub Committee for consideration for athlete development assistance and funding.

ANSW members who satisfy the assistance criteria can apply in writing for a rebate of half their previously paid ANSW registration fees. ie Current ANSW registered members can be rebated for 2020 season registration fees.

Applications for assistance must be on the official form which is available from the club Secretary or on the KJ website. Athletes seeking assistance must provide a detailed schedule of expenses including any evidence where possible. Funding from other sources should also be declared. A summary of actual expenses should be provided upon request following the trip for which any funding is given.

The current athlete assistance fund allows for $200 for NSW or Australian representation interstate and $400 for Australian representation overseas.

Additional discretionary assistance may be provided above these amounts – all applications will be considered on their merits. There is an expectation that athletes seeking funding will have actively participated in or contributed to club fundraising events wherever practical to qualify for maximum or additional funding. For further information please contact Ben Scollary on 0404 492 296.

Coaching or Official training may be subsidised if that training is determined to be for the direct benefit of the club. The maximum funding any athlete, coach or official may receive in any year is $1000. Official club coaches will receive a subsidy towards training, insurance and coaches association fees.

Updated 07/04/2021

Beaton Park Scholarship

Beaton Park logoThe Beaton Park Scholarship is awarded annually in April to one club member who meets certain performance criteria set out by Beaton Park, is a registered member of ANSW and who is also a resident of the Wollongong City Council area. The scholarship provides free access to Beaton Park Leisure Centre facilities including gym programs and track use for 12 months. The scholarship is an initiative of Beaton Park Leisure Centre and previous recipients include Stephen Brown (2001), Russell Chin (2002), Madeline Heiner (2003), Jake Evans (2004), Jared Poppett (2005), Ryan Gregson (2006), William Wann (2007), Ryan Gregson (2008), Anita Keem (2009), Sarah Carli (2010), Olivia Lavalle (2011), Alex Seal & Liam Henderson (2012), Liam Henderson (2013) and Madeline Heiner (2014). For more information contact the Club Secretary.