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Point Score Info & Winners

Winter Handicap Pointscore

  AwardPresident's Trophy
  Other prizes:
Trophies and cash prizes/vouchers to 1st, 2nd & 3rd 
  Sponsor:South Coast Runners
  Points Method:
Allocated on handicap finishing position 
  Races Included:
All 13 designated Winter Series pointscore events - see Race Program 
  Scoring:Best 10 out of 13 scoring races count
  Presented:Presentation Night

Previous Winners:

2020 Dean Boyton  
2019John Mintoff  
 2018Alan Onions
Mark Haining  
Matthew Gregory
Pasquale Coppolaro
Lorraine Hince
  2013Lorraine Hince 
  2012David Church

Mark Everton 


Trent Dawson 


Lorraine Hince 


Trent Dawson 

  2007David Stonebridge 
  2006Pia Angelucci
  2005Drew Ibbotson
  2004Diane Birch
  2003Glenda Macieowski
  2002Kelly Eady
  2001Kevin Raines
  2000Kevin Goodwin
  1999Chris Paesler
  1998Mark Owen
  1997Kevin Raines
  1996Pasco Coppolaro
  1995Pasco Coppolaro
  1994Peter Patterson & Chris Stocker
  1993Jim Hennessy
  1992Neil Barnett
  1991Tony Hamilton
  1990Paula Ryan
  1989Neil Barnett
  1988Peter Asher
  1987Ray Good