Kembla Joggers

Race Info:

Race Day Information

ParkingMass start

Parking is limited at many KJ race venues particularly at Mt Kembla. The trick is to arrive early to secure the best spots. Whatever the case, please ensure you park safely and always lock your doors.

Please be careful parking at West Dapto races as some events may be in progress on the entry road or XC trails which cross the road into the park.

Race Registration

The Golden Rule – arrive early. We recommend that you arrive AT LEAST 45 mins before the scheduled race start times regardless of whether the race is a handicapped or mass start event. That way you have plenty of time to warm up and avoid long queues at the race registration tables.

The cutoff time for race registrations is strictly 15 minutes before race start time. Runners arriving after this time will be started from the backmarkers position or given a time penalty. If you know you are going to arrive late then it is fine to arrange for someone else to collect your handicap start time for you. Otherwise let the Handicapper know prior to the event.

Your handicap start time will be issued to you on an adhesive label. Please keep this handy by sticking it to your running shorts etc so that you always know what time you are due to start the race.

Make sure you are fully familiar with the course before each race by checking the course maps etc located under Course Information or in the KJ Handbook

Warming Up

Take care when warming up. The race may already be in progress so please keep clear of other runners who have set off from earlier handicap start times. As always watch out for vehicular traffic. The same road rules apply for warming up as they do during the race – see KJ Race Rules.

Race Start

A race briefing will commence 15 minutes before race start time. It is important that you are present for this as information regarding course condition, any late changes, hazards etc are announced at this time.

A gun will sometimes be fired about 5 minutes before the clock is started and the first runners head off. This should give you an idea when you will be due on the start line. The gun will also be fired prior to mass start events.

It is always your responsibility to be on the start line at your allocated handicap start time. It is advisable to be at the start line about 1 minute before you are scheduled to start.


Timing chipsNowra Challenge race start

From the start of the 2012 Winter Series the club will be using an advanced electronic timing system to time all KJ events, with the exception of track races at Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre. Runners will be allocated a timing chip which must be laced to a shoe and in place for the whole race. When starting and finishing an event athletes must cross directly over the centre of the timing mat. More directions will be provided on race day including the location and timing of the return of the timing chips after each race.



Members will not have to nominate future events to marshal at when registering. Instead members will be required to marshal at just one event which will be picked at random and for which you will receive 2 weeks notice.

All members should familiarise themselves with our On Road Safety Procedures before their marshalling duty.

Race Etiquette

Pacing other runners in trophy events is generally not encouraged. Keep an eye out for your fellow runners and provide encouragement where possible. Keep smiling and have fun.

See KJ Rules and Regulations for information on race conduct.

West Dapto Cross-Country

Some of our cross-country courses at West Dapto are still under development. While all care will be taken, it is acknowledged that in places the trails will be a little rough underfoot and at times uneven during any upgrades. We ask that you also exercise care when running on these courses and adjust your stride and speed accordingly.


Permanent toilet facilities are available at all venues with the exception of Mt Kembla where a Portaloo will usually be provided. Otherwise at Mt Kembla you can only use the bushland on the hill on the northern side of Harry Graham Drive. The Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) does not allow us to use any other area for this purpose including any areas along our race routes.

Feeling Unwell?Race finish at Mt Kembla

If you are feeling unwell the week prior to any event you are best advised to get proper medical advice before deciding to compete. There is always a chance that you might be able to fulfil your marshalling duty commitments if you contact the marshal organiser beforehand.

If you begin to feel unwell, dehydrated or become injured during an event it is recommended that you stop and advise the next available course marshal who will then call for assistance on the 2-way radio.

Extreme Weather

The club now has a policy of cancelling or reducing the distance of club events if high temperatures or other extreme weather conditions prevail. Please consult the KJ website for up to date information prior to each event.


Upon registration KJ members are invited to inform us of any medical conditions that could possibly require treatment as a result of their running activities. This is optional and all disclosures are kept entirely confidential.

The club has a fully equipped and comprehensive First Aid kit and defibrillator which are both available at all KJ events in the vicinity of the start/finish area. Only persons with Senior First Aid qualifications should use the kit or defibrilltor and a list of authorised users is provided inside the kit. See a committee member if you need any medical treatment.

Drink plenty of water before every event. Start hydrating early on the day of the event and from about one hour before the race is due to begin, take frequent sips of water to maintain fluid levels. Fresh water is available before and after every club event. Water stations are provided in all KJ events longer than 5km.

It is recommended that you don’t eat any substantial amounts of food in the 3 hours prior to racing.

Mt Kembla Venue

Please observe the regulations in place for the Mt Kembla venue as set out by the Sydney Catchment Authority – see Sydney Catchment Authority property code of conduct in the Club Handbook Riding bikes or walking dogs etc on Sydney Catchment Authority property is not permitted. If in doubt please ask a committee member on the day.


Kids are welcome at KJ events but please remember looking after them is always your responsibility, not ours.

Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to accompany marshals to on-road locations.

The club expects that all children are supervised by their parents or guardians at all times.


Please assist us by taking your rubbish home with you. Bins or garbage bags are provided at all events.


Spectators on the course in vehicles should observe normal traffic rules and keep out of the path of runners competing in the race.


Any incidents or near misses observed during a race should be reported to the Race Organiser immediately after the event and on an Incident Report Card which will be available at the Recorders Table.

MP3 Players

For your own safety, ipods, MP3 players or similar devices requiring headphones are NOT PERMITTED to be worn in club events.

Timing Chips

Timing chips are now provided in most Winter Series events. These will be handed out upon registration and must be returned in the buckets provided at the end of the race. Timing chips should be securely fastened to your shoe using your shoe laces or cable tie. Avoid running over the timing mats except at the start and finish of the event.

Finishing the RaceLuca Cossu

When finishing a race follow the marshals instructions and listen out for your finish position when provided. Make sure your finish position tag corresponds to this number. Always take a finish position tag – failure to do so results in major time recording problems. Try and stay in the order of finishing from the finish line till you reach the person issuing the position tags at the end of the finishing chute.

Please take your position tag to the Recorders Table without unnecessary delay.

Race Results

Any trophies to be awarded will be announced shortly after the race. Results will also be posted on the KJ website, usually within 24 hours of each event.

Post-Race Refreshments

Stay behind and enjoy the race refreshments which are provided free of charge. Other refreshments can be purchased from the clubhouse canteen for West Dapto events.

Need Help?

If you need assistance of any kind at KJ events just ask one of the friendly committee team, who will be seen wearing a special KJ committee shirt. They will be only too willing to help so don’t hesitate to ask.